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Promoting your Content - 3rd phase of Content Marketing

Rick Fagan - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Social Media MarketingI've covered 2 of the 3 phases of Content Marketing in previous articles: 1) Defining a Strategy, and 2) Developing the Content.  The 3rd phase is Promoting the Content.  In this article, I’ll describe our strategy and methodology in promoting content.

It is important to understand that there are various online media channels available to distribute and promote content.  The most important lesson to learn is that how many channels you use to distribute your content is much less important than cultivating a few channels and doing it right.  Finding the right channel(s) is the key.  As an example, if you sell services or products to other businesses, you may find LinkedIn just as powerful for the distribution of content as Facebook.

The most powerful online channel for distributing content is by far a Blog.  Blog content, much like websites, are searched and cataloged by the major search engines.  Publishing content in your Blog that educates our potential customers on your value proposition and why your products and services are important to them will be indexed by the major Search Engines and will be searchable for the foreseeable future. There is no shelf life on Blog posts. Once your content is published in your blog, you can republish portions of it on your other online channels with a link back to the full article.  It’s like the gift that keeps giving.

Another powerful content distribution channel is Facebook.  The thing to understand about Facebook is that it is great at communications and exposure, but not so good at driving traffic or helping you with SEO.  Our core online marketing strategy for Business to Consumer Clients is to use both Blogging and Facebook to distribute content.  We’ve learned over the years that it takes some measure of original content to build authority with consumers.  We’ve developed an approach were we publish original content on the Clients blog, and then use an excerpt of the article in a Facebook post with a link back to the Blog.  To build reputation, generate buzz and establish credibility, we will repost 2 or 3 articles from other relevant sources that augment or support the content in our original post.  More and more that process is being called Content Curation.  Only after we’ve posted relevant and engaging content, do we post a marketing, sales, or call-to-action message.  Depending upon the specific business, we may add LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest to the mix.

Our experience is that creating and curating content that defines the problem or need our Clients products or services address produces the online marketing results expected.

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